Medicaid Billing Recovery

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Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Review

Gain accurate, real-time data to improve your operations and ensure compliance, reducing chances of denied claims.

Medicaid Billing Reconciliation

Don’t let rightful revenue go unclaimed. Our thorough reconciliation process identifies discrepancies and missed opportunities in your billing, helping you recover your earned income.

Medicaid Denial Management

Navigate the complex world of Medicaid denials with our expertise. We analyze denial patterns, pinpoint issues, and strategize solutions to reduce denials and improve your bottom line.

Electronic Visit Verification Education

Learn the tips and tricks to analyze and review your billing to enhance the chances of approved visit claims

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

Bobby Unser

Unlock Your Medicaid Billing Potential with ACTS Business Solutions

At ACTS Business Solutions, we believe these words wholeheartedly. In the realm of Medicaid billing, opportunity for your organization abounds, but without the right preparation, potential revenue can slip through the cracks. We’re here to bridge that gap. With ACTS, your preparation meets opportunity.


Increase Profitability

We are experts in reconciling Medicaid billing, a process that has been proven to significantly increase profitability for our clients by identifying and processing previously unbilled visits.

Secure Previously Lost Funds

Our business-to-business services can empower your organization, not only by securing funds previously lost through inefficiencies in billing but also by providing the financial stability necessary to enhance the quality of care you provide.


Medicaid Claims Remain Unbilled Annually

Representing millions of dollars in lost revenue.



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